Thursday, July 19, 2012

Again and Again...

I had met a lot of people outside.. with different characters, different liking, different ages, different gender, different status and so many things of differences among them... When I like someone, he will ignore my feeling... But when someone love me, it must me who will ignore their feeling.. I don't know how thing like this had happened to me.. Maybe I'm choosy?? or maybe any reasons that I had never know.. only Allah S.W.T know the best thing for me..

 I'm crying for stupid thing.. Crying for no reason.. For the thing that I know I will never have it.. for the thing I will not experienced it.. and I felt like I'm the stupid girl for open my heart to him.. whereas he didn't know at all my feeling toward him.. maybe he knows, but he pretend like he don't know anything.. whatever ~.~ (malas nak ambik taw dah)

 I thought I just met somebody who will complete my life, but actually he is not. I'm promise to myself for not open my heart anymore to any men.. It makes me hurt a lot and lot.. so Don't just put the fault on me, guys..

Apelah naseb, dapat yang caring and loving,, over over plak.. melampau, tu yang tak boleh nak terima, rimas.. tapi bile kite dah rase jumpe yang sesuai dgn kite,kite pon dah suke die sepenuh hati kite, die pulak yang tak de hati, perut, limpa, jantung kat kite... aishh, senang kate, terima jer bile ade yang masuk meminang nanti.. Jodoh dan pertemuan Allah yg tentukan.. InsyaAllah, berdoalah selalu...



  1. Hehehe .. truly deep inside ur heart ke? Just be patient my friend. Someday u'll find him(the right one for you)

    1. haha... insyaAllah suza.. pray 4 me lol.. dpt yg baik2 sikit..